Feature 1 Tibor is an experienced Business Development Specialist who can help grow your business. read more

Feature 1 Personalised and tailormade solutions ensures your business overcomes any obstacles.

Feature 1 Tibor has experience in functional areas such as sales, marketing, and business operations.


Food Trends Toolbox

image Know the demographic profiles of your now and future clients. Learn how demographics affect the food industry from manufacture through distribution, retailing, restaurants, take outs and more. If you are a player in the food industry you will want to understand Food Trends now and into the future.

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Business Improvement

image Tibor Mackor is without doubt a person that will add great value to you and your business. Tibor has helped several business owners understand why they are experiencing business challenges and has helped them find solutions needed to overcome them. In this regard several business owners have seen significantly higher profits with a tailor-made programme that has changed the way business is done. If you want better results then click on the button below.

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image See what clients have to say about Tibor and the changes he has assisted in creating for their business growth.

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Professional Speaking

image Tibor is an experienced professional speaker and has had several opportunities to speak to audiences over 500 people. Tibor has also been a Master of Ceremonies at weddings, private events and large prize giving events. People have walked away informed and inspired to achieve better results. To find out more about this dynamic personality then click on the button below.

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Profile of Tibor Mackor

  • Has been in business as well as the accountancy field for over 30 years
  • Is married and has two children, Phillip and Anya
  • Lives in St Johns, Auckland
  • Has been a World Champion in Underwater Hockey
  • First Coach to develop a South African Underwater Hockey Team in achieving Gold Medal status
  • Is the Coach for the NZ Mens Elite National Underwater Hockey Team
  • Has represented both South Africa and New Zealand in Underwater Hockey
  • Has recently qualified as an Accredited Speaking Member with the National Speakers Association of New Zealand
  • Is a Toastmaster
  • Is a Rotarian