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Feature 1 Personalised and tailormade solutions ensures your business overcomes any obstacless.

Feature 1 Tibor has experience in functional areas such as sales, marketing, and business operations.

Business Improvement

image Tibor Mackor is without doubt a person that adds value to people and their businesses. You have, no doubt, encountered those turbulent times where you know that you need to grow your business but are worried at the same time that you may not have all the answers to achieve it. Well, a free "conversation for possibilty" discussion with Tibor may help you see that there are ways to achieve your goals without enduring all the stress that may occur if not done properly.

Most business owners answered yes to the following statements:

  • I'm working too hard and not making enough money
  • I'm spending too much time in my business
  • I don't have enough customers
  • I have chronic cash flow problems
  • I have problems hiring and retaining good staff
  • My business has poor productivity

If you can identify with these problems then contact Tibor to discuss your issues so that you too can experience the thrill of being in control again. Call Tibor now on 021 545 372 for your "conversation for possibility".

Better Business Strategies